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This is a great little flashlight  perfect for investigating and is very bright.  Zoom focus goes from a tight spot to flood.  It is so versatile I love this flashlight.  I could shine it right down in front of me and it lights the path easily for two if not three people walking side by side.

AZPIRS was investigating an alleged haunted park and we heard a cry in the distance.  I zoomed to a spot and this thing was hitting tree trunks at least 150 feet a way if not more.  For $10 this is the absolute best.  It is so small and so easy to use.  It has a clip that you can clip to you jeans.  Plus it uses only one AA battery


  • Super mini size, bright, blinding effect.
  • Skid-proof design & waterproof design.
  • Output bright can come to 300 lumens (MAX).
  • Adjustable zoom in/out focus range from tight spot to wide angle
  • Clip for convenience carry.
  • 3 modes bright, dim and strobe feature


  • Color: Black
  • Lumens: 300LM
  • Reflector: Convex Lens
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Model of LED: CREE Q5 LED
  • Switch: Tail-cap full press ON/OFF , half way to select mode
  • Battery: 1 * AA  or 1 * 14500 3.6v rechargeable Battery (none included)
  • Size: 3.7 inches x 1 inch
  • Weight: 2.3 oz

7 Watt LED Zoom focus Flashlight

  • Product Code: 7 Watt Zoom
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • $6.95