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First off  most SLS cameras being sold are Version 1 which is an XBOX 360 Kinect.   This Version 2 design is an XBOX ONE Kinect which  has much higher resolution in color, and infrared. The infrared, night vision, has the same resolution as the color image, it is like looking at a daytime image in black and white. Infrared range is more than double that of version 1 range.  Version 2 has a more sensitive microphone array.  Plus this SLS camera can track up to six targets where Version 1 can only track two targets

This SLS camera system has much better, and easier to use software, but requires a higher end tablet to operate.  To keep cost low and to get a much better table the SLS comes with a used Dell10.1” tablet with Windows 10 Pro and includes a docking keyboard and stylus. Tablet has 64 GB of storage, Bluetooth, wifi, and dual cameras.  New these tablets are over $800.  The used Dell tablet is in newer condition with minor cosmetic blemishes and fully functional.  Modified Kinect One ranges from very good, to almost new condition.

No separate recording program is needed, like with version 1.   Version 2 records, saves audio, and video from the same window used to operate the camera.   The tablet also has a full size USB port, so you do not need an adapter to connect the camera. New 12 volt rechargeable power supply with on/off switch. Also has a 5 volt USB output. This is a lithium power pack, it will last longer on a  charge, and is lighter than AA batteries.  We ran the SLS recording and got 2 hours on a charge.  The SLS comes with a power supply and this SLS CAN RUN WHILE PLUGGED IN!   Now investigate for hours of continuous use.  Also, the battery can be changed without tools in about 1 minute if you choose to have a spare battery in the field.

You will not find electrical tape anywhere in these cameras as each connection is soldered, and the cord is properly sealed.  Only machined aluminum and composite molded components are used for the tripod and mounting system.  New mini tripod,  tripod accessory bar and tripod tablet mount provides rock solid stability while used in hand held and table top applications.

Factory reset on the tablet, installed current Windows updates, driver and all software pre-installed .  This kit has been tested, and is ready to go with everything you need.  Instructions on how to use the SLS camera is included.  Warranty for the the entire kit for 30 days will cover defects. Warranty will not cover abuse, neglect, or misuse. Full technical support is provided.  It is recommended that you get a camera case for to protect the SLS camera and enjoy for years of use

SLS Camera with Kinect One

  • Product Code: Kinect ONE SLS Camera
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • $449.00
  • $399.99