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On our investigations we always carry a camcorder and illuminator using a 6 inch bracket and a grip tripod.  This mini rig uses an 11 inch bracket with an additional 1/4 20 adapter that we use to under mount the illuminator.  On the top opposite the camera we use a holder mount.

With this setup we mount our full spectrum camera, our IR illuminator and use the mount adapter to hold other items like a spirit box, Ovilus or a cell phone using your favorite app or FLIR attachment (some gear may need piece of felt or rubber to make a tight fit).  Makes it much easier to hold and carry different pieces of gear with one hand.  You can carry it or use it as a static setup by opening up the grip tripod and placing it on a level surface.

The Mini Rig includes

  • Mini Rig: approx. 11 x 1 inch
  • Three (3) 1/4″ Male to 1/4″ Female Screw Adapter
  • One (1) grip tripod
  • One (1) adjustable mount

Mini Rig

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  • $16.95
  • $15.95