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We tested the Shadow Sensor in the field since June.  The Shadow Sensor has eight large LEDs and each LED has a pair of infrared proximity sensors to detect motion, even in total darkness using any infrared light.  When motion is detected each of the LEDs will glow in the direction they were triggered.

The Shadow Sensor can be used to get intelligent responses. EX:  If the answer to my question is yes pass over this device from the left side and make it light up.  If the answer is no come from the right side.  Using an infrared light source the Shadow Sensor has a very long range.  This is perfect to use the Shadow Sensor by setting it up in a room or hallway.  Up to 4 units can be combined together. 

Unit comes with a battery pack uses 3 AA batteries and lasts 12 hours of continuous use.  This is a video quickly demonstrating the Shadow Sensor.   Prior to our investigation we set up the Shadow Sensor and left the location for a dinner break.  We caught some activity during that time.



Shadow Sensor

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