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We have put together everything for you with our SLS Kinect Camera Setup.  You just add your own tablet. (We Recommend a minimum 2GB Ram - 32GB Windows tablet).  You may find similar setups but we have some unique features.  First off we don't shove the excess cable into a plastic box or PVC pipe.  Our techs go internally into the camera and make modifications.  Our system is extremely sturdy yet only weighs just slightly over 2 lbs.  

The pistol grip is very comfortable when using your SLS as the weight is evenly distributed.  You'll see some using a U-grip video rig but all the weight is forward from your hand and you will fatigue quickly.  Also with our system you can completely remove the handle and attach the tripod with the 1/4-20 tripod Or keep the handle on and attach a tripod to the 1/4-20 hole built into the bottom of the handle.  Most of the time we use our SLS mounted to a tripod to reduce false positives.

The SLS Kinect Camera Setup  includes

  • One (1) Refurbished 360 Kinect Camera
following all new components
  • One (1) Dual 8"Flash Bracket with Twin 1/4" Screw
  • One (1) 12V 3000mAh Lithium ion Battery Pack & charger
  • One (1) 1/4″ Male to 1/4″ Female Screw Adapter
  • One (1) tablet tripod mount fits 7" to 10" inch screens
  • One (1) pistol grip tripod
  • One (1) adjustable mount
  • Link to Kinect software to download to your tablet
We mount the tripod adapter plate from out tripod to the bottom of the handle.  When we decide to run the SLS we set up our tripod and pop in the adapter with the SLS system already attached (see pictures).  Remember the Kinect camera is designed to be used stationary and it looks for movement.  By holding the SLS in your hand without a tripod it is the Kinect camera that moves and will acquire a fixed object like a chair or a lamp giving you a false positive.

SLS Kinect Camera Setup Just add your Tablet

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  • $189.95
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