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The Ultrasonic Motion Detector uses ultrasonic sound waves to detect motion. (NOT INFRARED) This emits sound waves at a frequency higher than humans are able to hear – typically in the range 30kHz to 10MHz. Transducers comprise a pair of devices, one is a transmitter and one is a receiver. A sound pulse is sent out at a given frequency and it is reflected and captured by the receiver.  To use just point it at the area you wish to detect motion in. 


-  The unit reacts as objects move closer or away from the unit

-  The closer the object gets, the faster the beeps;  the further away, the slower the beeps

-  It has a red LED that activates each time it detects motion

-  The unit has an adjustable sensitivity control and can detect motion up to 10 ft 

-  Great for monitoring potential movement of objects

-  Runs off one 9 volt battery (not included)

Ultrasonic Motion Detector

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  • $69.95
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